Breaking down walls to unite
high school with the real world

Our extensive network of more than 200 partners across Chicago makes the entire city a fertile learning environment.

Spring Open House

Now enrolling grades 9-12
for the 2017-2018 school year.


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Inspire. Prepare. Connect.

Inspire students to fall in love with learning and discover their purpose.
Prepare them to think for themselves and care about others.
Connect students with the world through their academic subjects.

Equipping students to thrive in today’s complex world requires an innovative approach to education—one that hones relevant skills, incorporates adaptive technologies, and embraces the inspiration and practicality of real-world learning.

GCE’s City2Classroom educational model exposes students to real-world environments where they explore their interests, apply what they’ve learned in the classroom, and expand their knowledge through firsthand experience locally and globally.

More than just a college prep education,
we cultivate global citizens.

100 percent college bound

Reinventing High School Education

Our students are the center of our collaborative learning environment with personal coaching from educators and a vibrant community of peers, families, and partners.
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The City2Classroom Experience

Through hands-on experience, students augment the skills and knowledge they build in the classroom with insights from established industry leaders from over 200 partners in Chicago.
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GCE’s interactive and dynamic educational experiences are designed to align with Common Core State Standards as well as United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
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What’s Happening

Why Inquiry & Project-based Learning?

90% Teach others or immediate use of learning

75% Practice by doing

50% Discussion Group

Participatory Learning
Passive Learning
30% Demonstration

20% Audio Visual

10% Reading

5% Lecture

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